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Bruce Jenner: what his autograph reveals!

For those unaware, analyzing a person’s signature is enormously revealing. Personality details become evident and subtle traits rise to the surface. Bruce Jenner has been signing his name the same way for years. Once he transitions, Jenner will have a new first name and thus, a new signatureRead more 



Is Kanye Kim-patable? Here's the answer!

Is Kanye "the one" for Kim? According to their signatures, they approach life very differently and experience more than a few awkward standoffs. The two are a classic case of opposites attracting – finding excitement in their differences rather than their similarities. Read more 


Bradley Cooper analyzed!

Bradley Cooper is already having a hell of a year – he just celebrated his 40th birthday (January 5th), American Sniper has officially become an Oscar nominated mega-hit grossing over $90 million last weekend, and he’s reteaming with David O. Russell, Jennifer Lawrence, and Robert DeNiro in the upcoming film JoyPeople magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” is in high demand and more popular than ever. Read more 


Fifty Shades away from Christian Grey

Friday the 13th fittingly marks the film release of the mega-bestseller by E L James Fifty Shades of Grey. With its masks, bondage, and implied fear, Fifty Shades’ (accidental?) association with Friday the 13th is subliminally amusing. Regardless of the calendar connection, the movie’s hype has already secured its sequel future.

The main character, Christian Grey, was unexpectedly difficult to cast. Creatives circled (Ryan GoslingGarrett HedlundRob Pattinson, and Christian Cooke) then crossed off names until they landed on Charlie Hunnam. Unfortunately, scheduling conflicts prevented Hunnam from committing to the role. Enter Irish-born actor Jamie DornanRead more 


Oscar Pistorius: Guilty or innocent?
Oscar Pistorius sits precariously at the defense table with his head in his hands. Is he feeling remorseful? Guilty? Wrongly accused? A note written on Blade Runner stationery was posted to the Internet by the Australian news media. Analysis of his handwriting and signature reveals the following: read more

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